Established in Melbourne 1988, HAWK is now the global market leader in innovative level measurement, positioning and flow solutions. HAWK has won several prestigious awards for its breakthrough technologies.

HAWK develops and manufactures level measurement equipment based on different technologies such as, Acoustic WaveUltrasonicMicrowave and Radar etc.


The working principle of the DBB-SAVER makes leakage to the safe working area physically impossible. It works on a classical Double Block & Bleed configuration but also can be deployed on most Single Valve Isolation’s.

The bleed volume can either be the section between:

  1. both block valves in a classical DB&B configuration, or
  2. both seats in the body of a single valve, e.g. most ball, plug or gate valves, or
  3. any other combination of two valves in series, e.g. a block valve and (under conditions) a control valve without traditional isolation credits. Or for example a combination of a stopple and mud plugs during pipeline repair.

Precision Metal Industries FZC

Precision Metal Industries FZC-Through the skill of our people and cutting-edge advanced manufacturing techniques, we deliver products at a quality and efficiency that ensures customer success. Fasteners in High Tensile, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, High Performance Alloys, Rare Exotic Alloys, widely used in sectors like Power, Oil, Gas, Energy, Processing unit ,Marine and Construction industries.
We produce all the international standards like ASTM / ASME / DIN / BS EN / ISO & CUSTOMIZED Products.

Erreesse S.R.L

Erreesse S.R.L – Erreesse S.R.L. Is a valve manufacturer based in northern Italy, specialized in Trunnion Ball valves, Floating Ball Valve, Control Valve, emergency shutdown valves, DBB & Severe service valves (High pressure valves & Low temperature valves). Variety of grades & material including & not limited to (nickel alloys, duplex, super duplex, titanium, aluminum-bronze, 6-molibdenum, stainless steel and carbon steel).

Kartik Steels Limited

Kartik Steels Limited –

  • Kartik steels limited is a steel alloy foundry located in India – Ranipet was incorporated in 1980 & been managed by Mr. Karthik Kumar, who brings with him around 20 years of experience in foundry operations. He is responsible for managing all Kartik Steels processes, including quality, supply chain, engineering and production.
  • Kartik Steel Limited has been acquired by Cronite group, which is a large group of companies based in Switzerland-Geneve. Cronite Group is by far one of the leading global suppliers of heat treatment, corrosion & wear resistant castings with production over three continents, sales over 82 mil EUR in 2019, 800 employees worldwide & Research & Development center.
  • Kartik Steel manufactures products that are heat resistant alloys for the refinery, chemicals and petrochemicals including Return Bend, Elbows, Reducers, Wye Pieces, Tee Pieces, Tetra Fittings, Cones & Catalyst Grids.


ASIAN SEALING PRODUCTS PVT. LTD – Your reliable partner for specialized seals and precision metal components. Asian Sealing manufacture specialized seals and precision metal components for the oil & gas industry, Valve Industry as well as for a broad range of industrial applications. They have invested in a state-of-the-art production facility to ensure that most advanced technologies are used in the production of precision metal components, Ring Joint Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Exchanger Gaskets, Cammprofile Gaskets, Non Asbestos Gaskets, Flange Insulation Gaskets, IX Seal Rings and Valve Seat Rings.

ALS Schmiertechnik GmbH & Co.KG

ALS Schmiertechnik GmbH & Co.KG – They produce automatic Lubrication Systems as well as the lubricant fluid/oil covering all industrial sectors & in any type of applications. ALS has over 80 lubricants for different applications available upon requirement.

Waleed Associates L.L.C

Waleed Associates L.L.C – Waleed Associates LLC is a Systems Integrator for Siemens Industrial Automation, Variable Frequency Drives & Instrumentation. We undertake turnkey responsibility including design, engineering, assembly, commissioning & site services for these systems. We have a fully equipped Systems Integration Centre in Muscat with 100% local expertise. In addition to this, we undertake customer training and annual maintenance contracts.

Products & services offered by Waleed Associates:

  • Industrial Automation Systems, PLC’s, SCADA, DS, Telemetry etc.
  • Variable Frequency Drive Systems, VFD’s
  • Motors, Low Voltage & Medium Voltage
  • Field Instrumentation, Pressure, Flow, Level, Temperature
  • LV Switchgear, Control Gear, Soft Starters, Motor Controller
  • Switchgear & Control Gear
  • Soft Starters, Low Voltage & Medium Voltage
  • Low Voltage Control Panels and Switchboards
  • Flender Gear Boxes & Couplings
  • Systems Integrator for providing services for Automation Solutions, PLC’s, SCADA, DCS, VFD’s etc
  • Liquid Analyzers
  • Gas Analyzers / Chromatographs
  • Chalmit Hazardous Area Light Fittings Assembled by Waleed Associates
  • HAWKE Hazardous Area Cable Glands & Junction Boxes
  • Capacitor Banks, Low Voltage & Medium Voltage
  • Harmonic Filters, Active and Passive
  • Harmonics Analysis and Harmonics Measurement / Audit
  • Motor Diagnostics at site, On-line and Off-line
  • Reactors, Special Transformers, Capacitor Banks & Harmonic Filters
  • Renewable Energy Projects